The story of the MT began nearly a decade ago when Yamaha’s top designers set out to create one of the most important new models in the history of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. This was not going to be just any motorcycle. The goal was to build a revolutionary new machine with a high-torque engine and a highly agile chassis that was second to none.

Its large capacity 890cc EU5 compliant CP3 engine generates higher torque at lower revs, giving you even more explosive acceleration and better performance on the road. A high-tech 6-axis IMU regulates the best electronic driver aids to give you maximum control. And QSS allows for super-fast upshifts and smoother downshifts.


  • Displacement: 847 CC
  • Power: 115 CV
  • Weight: 191 KG
  • License: A2
  • Classification: Motos


  • Dayly: 85€ per day
  • Weekend: 170€
  • Check rates for more days