Move with a maxiscooter in Valencia

The rental of a maxiscooter in Valencia is a great option for passionate about speed and safety . It is a motorcycle larger than a scooter or mini scooter, which are manageable but small displacement.

The maxiscooter is perfect for young people who move around the city. Thanks to their medium size and 125cc displacement, they are one of the most rented motorcycles in Valencia.

Renting a maxiscooter in Valencia is easy if you go to our store. The maxiscooter are larger and somewhat heavier than other motorcycles.

But with its great power, can you imagine feeling the Mediterranean climbed on a maxiscooter?

The biggest advantages when renting a maxiscooter in Valencia is that are much more comfortable for longer journeys, since the seat is bigger and because it is heavier, it also increases protection and safety about it.

The rental of maxiscooters in Valencia is perfect for all those people who seek to enjoy a simple but much safer driving.

At Yamaha SAICA we will be happy to advise you on which bike is the one that best suits your needs . We are waiting!

You should do it because with her you will feel the freedom and autonomy you need . In fact, the main characteristics of this motorcycle are the following:

  • They are motorcycles open chassis , like the scooters, so that both feet are supported on the same platform.
  • They have more power and more displacement than a scooter.
  • The fuel tank is larger and there is also more space under the seat. So you can even put bags or backpacks.
  • The wheels are also larger reaching 15 or 16 inches when the normal for a scooter is 12 or 14 inches.