Life must be lived to the fullest. Every day new roads are opened to discover. And to make each journey even more exciting, Yamaha has created the dynamic sports maxmax TMAX SX.

Thanks to its agile and sporty aluminum chassis, and the link-type suspension, this powerful scooter can overcome traffic in the city or on the road faster than virtually any other means of transport, and its aerodynamic bodywork and exceptional performance will make you feel good in any situation.

Wherever you go, the electronic system D-MODE and TCS allows you to be in control of changing conditions. So immerse yourself fully in the dynamic experience of the SX. And live life to the fullest every day.


  • Displacement: 530 CC
  • Power: 46 CV
  • Weight: 213 KG
  • License: A2
  • Classification: Maxi Scooter


  • Dayly: 85€ per day
  • Weekend: 170€
  • Check rates for more days