By bringing high levels of performance, excitement and versatility to the world of Sport Touring, the Tracer 900 has won the hearts and minds of thousands of pilots. It is one of the most sold motorcycles in Europe so now is the best time for you to discover what the Tracer 900 can do for you.

With its sporty heart and soul rutera, this motorcycle of immense capabilities has been designed to offer an outstanding driving experience wherever you go and intensify your emotions on every occasion.

You just need to take a spin with the Tracer 900 to appreciate its addictive blend of linear torque, surprising agility and remarkable comfort. It is the essence of Sport Touring. And the only motorcycle you’ll ever need.


  • Displacement: 847 CC
  • Power: 115 CV
  • Weight: 214 KG
  • License: A
  • Classification: Motos


  • Dayly: 85€ per day
  • Weekend: 170€
  • Check rates for more days