Thanks to its innovative aerodynamic body and its compact and agile, the Yamaha X-MAX 125 is undoubtedly one of the most elegant and desired models of the city.

Designed to provide progressive performance and fun driving, this sporty scooter makes its way easily through traffic jams in the city.

Its engine of injection of 125 cc and liquid refrigeration allows him to leave with agility of the semaphores, and the wheels of aluminum of big diameter, the new suspension and the ABS. In addition, the X-MAX 125 according to EU4 is an absolutely perfect option.


  • Displacement: 124 CC
  • Power: 14.1 CV
  • Weight: 173 KG
  • License: B
  • Classification: Scooter


  • Dayly: 35€ per day
  • Weekend: 70€
  • 5 or more days: 30€ per day