Enjoy this motorcycle tour through Calpe

The coast of Alicante is a real pleasure for motor enthusiasts. Both on the road and in the visits with the most you can see in the past.

Enjoying a motorcycle tour through Calpe is something that can be done all year round thanks to the good weather that is enjoyed in the area. The area of ​​Moraira to Calpe is one of the most beautiful road pages, on the entire coastal road, the CV-746.

Safe motorcycle route through Calpe

To enjoy this motorcycle route through Calpe you must take the southwest direction to the Moraira exit. On the way you can see the rock of Ifach in the distance. The driving becomes much more when you have nice views to the bottom.

When you are on the motorcycle route until Calpe sees that the route is full of networks, all of them spectacular. Pure nature that you can enjoy from your motorcycle. During this journey the terrain can be abrupt, especially if you decide to explore the areas of the area. It’s worth stopping in a while and enjoying the landscape but in the road account, both the state of the road and The steep climbs and descents, make the journey somewhat complicated.

As you get closer to Calpe you can stop in an area that is very close to the city and that you can not miss.

You can see that any motorcycle route by is a delight for motor lovers. Now we just have to go to Yamaha SAICA, get your motorcycle, go out on the road and enjoy it.

We are waiting for you!

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