Motorcycle route through Montanejos

A motorcycle route through Montanejos is a good idea to relax and run away from routine. The most recommended route is crossing the incredible Natural Park of the Sierra de Espadán that is located between the regions: Alto Mijares, Alto Palancia and Plana Baixa. This is the most protected space in all of Castellón de la Plana due to its innumerable value in terms of nature and history.

That’s why we encourage you to discover the Sierra de Espadán!

Discover the Sierra de Espadán by motorcycle

If you leave from Valencia, you should go to Olocau where you’ll find, and you can go deep into the Sierra Calderona. Later you will also pass through Gátova and Segorbe. This last municipality is no longer in the mountains but until you reach Jérica you can enjoy the path through small towns and pine forests.

Once you reach Jérica, you will have reached the Sierra de Espadán. It is followed by the municipalities of Caudiel and Montán, whose road will take you to Montanejos. Here is good idea to stop and discover a bit what the town offers you. Above all, it’s famous for its spa accommodations what a perfect place to rest.

Montanejos, much to be discovered

A motorcycle route through Montanejos can offer you more than you think . It may seem like a small town but it hides a lot of history. It even has Roman sites in some parts of the municipality. The surroundings are a joy for any biker and it is that the roads seem endless and disappear behind the mountains.

If you really are a person who loves nature and driving, the motorcycle route through Montanejos will surely make you fall in love.

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