What to see in Alboraya


The Valencian Community has several municipalities among which is Alboraya, which is well known for the production of agriculture due to the fertility of its soils, close to the Turia river and several ravines of fertile land around it.

Alboraya is also known for its historical center and for its horchata drink . However, its history and its many cultural riches make this town a mixture of contexts and styles that range from the oldest and traditional, to the most modern facades.

Alboraya, an emblematic city of l’Horta

In Alboraya there are urbanisms of all kinds, starting from those old houses that were built since the 19th century, until getting urbanisms of modern art, so Alboraya has an urban mix of different contrasts.

Many of the houses mentioned above are used for major events such as exhibitions of works or for official activities. Similarly, Alboraya has impressive views towards the outskirts of the city, as well as constructions from past centuries that remind us of the time of Valencia before, such as barracks and farmhouses.

Likewise, Alboraya has sacred buildings such as the hermitage of the Virgen de los Desamparados, that was built in memory of those buried unjustly or helpless in the past.

Rich gastronomy where horchata is the protagonist

Alboraya has a harmonious cuisine based on processed rice in the town. Today, horchata made with chufa is very popular. but also, you can taste paella, rice oven or the beans with rice.

How is motorcycle accessibility

To enjoy the most typical things in Alboraya such as horchata, it is best to go by motorcycle. Is it accessible to go to Alboraya on a motorcycle? Of course, going to this town is very easy and fast from Valencia. In fact, and n less than 10 minutes you can get there.

The best route is to go to Avenida Catalunya and there through the Ronda Norte and following the signs, you will reach Alboraya. The advantage of going on a motorcycle in addition to parking and avoiding traffic jams is that, you can also move to places like Patacona and Port Saplaya.

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