What to see in Bioparc


The city of Valencia has a relatively new attractive park called “Bioparc”, which was inaugurated in February 2008 and has animals of different species: lions, tigers, elephants, birds and other small animals that live in freedom without cages.

It was created to provide a space for safe and free access to tourists to animals of the African fauna, carefully guarded to ensure the physical integrity of both visitors and animals and species. in danger of extinction.

Africa closer

It has ample space to cover the capacity of more than 3000 animals of different species, among which the lion, the crocodiles and the hippopotamus stand out as the public favorites.

Its design covers four aspects, classifying the animals into species of dry, forest or humid savanna a, in order to have the species in custody according to their natural instincts.

The park has the guidance of tourist guides that are didactic and varied, that is, it is an unforgettable experience since each trip inside the zoo is different.

Unique Walks

Their ways of walking are changing, so each experience offers an opportunity to approach different species under the expert advice that know the treatment of each anima l. Likewise, Bioparc integrates the welfare and conservation of African species as a commercialization project in which the company wins and wins nature.

The techniques of care for animals are becoming more rigorous , so Bioparc offers a pleasant experience when sharing with highly trained animals and guides. In addition, the park has the sale of hydration drinks, however, the user must abide by certain rules to make the tours.

How is motorcycle accessibility

The Bioparc is located on Pío Baroja Avenue, which makes it one of the most accessible places to arrive by motorcycle. By being away from the center you can quickly reach avoiding traffic headaches or because you can not find parking.

The biggest advantage of going to the Bioparc on a motorcycle is that you can park in any enabled area, but in a more agile way than if you did it in a car.

Also, when traveling by motorcycle, you will be able to approach nearby areas such as the Parque de Cabecera in the old bed of the Turia river.

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