What to see in Cullera


Cullera is a city bathed by the Mediterranean Sea where the Júcar river also flows. This city is approximately 40 km from Valencia.

In addition, it is a city surrounded by mountains highlighting especially in which the castle is located, becoming its most attractive attraction.

A recommended maritime city

Its main feature are the famous beaches that surround the city and the different practices that are offered for recreation and entertainment of its visitors, such as diving that make Cullera an ideal destination.

Cullera is a tourist city that understands the meaning of ecology , thus forging roads and ecotourism routes through the mountains and cliffs that reach the wonderful beaches of the city, thus creating breathtaking views of Cullera itself.

Famous for the river Júcar, Cullera is known for its reference point with the vicinity of the river, which over time has been cataloged by one of the monuments of the Natural Network, as well as the diversity in ecosystems, species, and ample vegetation.

Your environment makes it, a unique destination that consists of beaches, crystal clear water, mountains, gastronomy, rivers and springs who travel through it, creating iconic sunsets in the city.

Quality cuisine

Another attraction offered by Cullera is a varied gastronomy based on traditional food such as dishes made by the characteristic spicy in all your meals, as well as eggs, garlic, potatoes and the inevitable rice, since in this city the sowing of different types is harvested.

How is motorcycle accessibility

Cullera is a town with diverse places that you can visit but, it has a great advantage that other populations may not have, and that is that the main Places are accessible by motorcycle and are close to urban areas.

For example, you can go by motorbike to L’estany, the lighthouse, the castle or the different beaches that surround the municipality. Therefore, Cullera gives you the opportunity to visit it with your motorcycle without having to go by car avoiding traffic jams and wasting time in parking.

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