What to see in El Carmen

The Carmen

The capital city of Valencia is constituted by history, culture, philosophy and a modern aspect that continues to show more and more frequently. However, El Carmen is part of ancient Valencia, one that is evidenced by its architecture of past centuries and promotes the religious traditions of the capital.

El Carmen, an attractive neighborhood with history

Its main attraction lies in its old town or historic center, that It has the oldest church since the origins of the city as it is the church of Carmen Calzado, which formed an urban nucleus around it.

According to the stories of its history, it was built under two walls of protection and each of these walls represented a different religion, which were protected by the East and West sides.

The beginning of a great neighborhood

In 1356 the construction of its main monuments began, of which they are still conserved and maintained as cultural heritage of the area.

In this way, Barrio El Carmen is considered one of the oldest and most artistic in the Valencian city, so it is ideal to visit either walking or in small vehicles, in order to see all the culture that is embodied in each street that make up the internal urbanism of the neighborhood.

The streets of this neighborhood tend to be narrow , so its essence It is best appreciated walking under a sunset to enjoy its sunsets with its different architectural structures that reflect the history of past centuries.

One of the many historical structures to be mentioned is the Centro Cultural de Beneficencia, impressive museums, imposing towers, the painter José Benlliure’s house-museum , and a myriad of architectural monuments that bring with them Art and animated murals on every street.

How is motorcycle accessibility

The Barrio del Carmen is one of the central neighborhoods of Valencia that Each time it has more pedestrianized areas. However, without any doubt i r on a motorcycle to this neighborhood is a great success. Especially, because in most areas parking spaces for cars are intended for residents.

The neighborhood of Carmen, is a neighborhood very attractive to travel by motorcycle through its streets Historical and monuments such as: Torres de Serranos, Torres de Quart, Central Market, Botanical Garden, Lonja, etc.

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