What to see in El Puig

The Puig

Located approximately 14 kilometers from the city of Valencia is El Puig, a village surrounded by mountains and just owes its name to the hills, because in Valencia the name of the population refers to the hills, which also have a view of various landscapes and direct ports to the Mediterranean Sea.

The Puig has many attractions, such as its different museums and its slender castles, which preserve a lot of history. In addition to this, it has a conglomerate various beaches called “Playa del Puig” which are made up of a total of nine urbanizations aligned in their cardinal points towards the coasts.

An attractive town

Its main attraction lies in the historical part and the different events that They were reflected in their castles and they are still preserved in their museums. Residents of the population have been the main responsible in maintaining the customs and traditions that identify them as part of “El Puig”.

Also, it is widely recognized for its different beaches of crystal clear water and the different aquatic tours that are available to tourists for their fun.

Monasterio de Santa María

El Puig also is distinguished by its religious character, since among the attractions featuring El Puig is the Monastery of Santa Maria , which was built to enhance the Renaissance aspect with very classic blacksmith designs that identify the temple.

To visit El Puig you can count on tour guides, who know their history perfectly and are in charge of multiplying the information when visiting the sector. In this way, we have available a historical route that narrates from the beginning of its culture, the confrontations of past wars and the reigns, until the conservation of the town.

How is motorcycle accessibility

The Puig or Santa María del Puig is a town that offers multiple cultural activities and, therefore, you should visit it. To do this, take your motorbike and go to the town from Valencia by V-21 and in less than 30 minutes you will be.

is an accessible village bike and you can park without problems, Whether you choose to visit the historic part of the monastery, as if finally you go to the beach that is a little further away from the urban core.

From Yamaha SAICA we recommend the best route on a motorcycle to discover The Puig as he plays.

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