What to see in El Saler

The Saler

One of the most charismatic locations in the Valencian Community is El Saler. A maritime population made up of conformed by a crystal-clear beach considered one of the best in Valencia. This square stands out for its tranquility, white sand and the peace that emanates from its waters.

A perfect town to discover

El Saler, in addition to an extensive beach offers a rich gastronomy where You can taste the typical Valencian food at the edge of the beach. Thanks to the surrounding environment, it has become a mandatory stop if you visit Valencia.

Why is it so important to visit El Saler?

It is essential that you discover this population because it offers tranquility, quality of life and other factors that make it a space of optimal conditions for enjoyment family.

The Saler has drive-in services, water rides, beach sports and lots of fun for tourists. A few minutes from the capital city and bordering other beaches such as Pinedo and Devesa beaches, is this paradise of the Valencian coast.

Clean environment

The cleaning of the beach is another factor that does not go unnoticed, since in addition to being very quiet, it has white sand that differs from the rest of the other beaches and characterize it as one of the best in the city. The beach El Saler offer a quiet walk thanks to the low turnout of its visitors.

The parking lot with which the beach counts is another feature that make it one of the best in the sector, since added to its climate, crystal clear waters, white sands, they form the perfect contrast to visit.

How is motorcycle accessibility

The hamlet of El Saler has a great attraction for tourists and It is not surprising for the many places that can be reached by motorcycle and that are more inaccessible by car. With your bike you can quickly reach El Saler in just 15 minutes by the motorway of the same name.

You can also enjoy different points from the small port to the beach . It should be noted that this town is located at an intermediate point on the way to the Albufera. We recommend you follow your route there and enjoy the sunset.

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