What to see in Játiva

Játiva / Xàtiva

Known for being one of the oldest cities in the Kingdom of Valencia where it is possible to contemplate the history in each corner as in its imposing castles.
The historical role lived by this population makes it a population rich in culture and art, since it has emerged painters, artists and the indisputable case of the Borgia pope, of which it is essential to highlight the case of Rodrigo Borgia , who later became the Christian Pope of the Catholic Church of the West in the well-known Rome that in the following years would become Alexander VI.

Art and culture in the same city

Xátiva, as the city is also known, is widely recognized for its artistic and cultural career, without leaving aside its fabulous cuisine that makes it an ideal tourist spot to visit, since its traditional dishes are rice-based, almonds and pumpkins.
Visiting Xátiva is a great adventure, given that it consists of multiple infrastructures of the time made up of castles that were used at the time to be a place of custody and strength in the face of the attacks of past centuries.

It has risen from the ashes

In spite of the ashes that were left of the old Xátiva due to the fire that happened in the middle of 1707 as a result of the support that was given to the Austrian troops. However, the population arose and rebuilt its community rooted in its historical culture and urbanism.
This is how Játiva is considered a population full of history and this is contemplated in each alley of the city, located approximately 70 kilometers from the capital of Valencia, with a population of 50,000 inhabitants that preserve their culture over time and convert it in a special tourist site.

How is motorcycle accessibility

Játiva or Xàtiva is one of the obligatory stops to visit in the Valencian Community. You have no excuse for not being able to visit it since it is a city accessible by motorcycle and friendly with this type of vehicle.

After leaving Valencia on the A-7 you will reach Játiva and on a motorcycle you will be able to tour the entire city and its main monuments, but especially, its castle of great heritage value.

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