What to see in La Albufera

Albufera Natural Park

The Comunidad de Valenciana offers its tourists and visitors multiple relaxing and distracting plans. Undoubtedly, one of the most important sites is the Albufera Natural Park, being a place of great attraction for young people and families.

Where is Albufera located?

This natural park covers a number of municipalities including the capital, Valencia. They have been creating different spaces as a reward for the closure of the old bay, where they had to rescue species and develop another ecosystem so they could continue living.

A space rich in flora and fauna

The Albufera Natural Park has several aquatic species that live in it since Roman times and that today are still in a natural environment.

The conservation of aquatic life is one of the most important premises at the time of visiting the park, because these species are ideal to live in a humid climate with a constant temperature like that of the park that is approximately 17.8 ° C.

An experience of contrasts

In addition, to enjoy the large natural areas, the natural park has leisure areas such as: r estaurantes, boat rides or the jetty. In the latter, you can enjoy the spectacular sunsets.

In this way, the park has internal tours with the expert staff help that make a route through public transport that makes the park available.

How is motorcycle accessibility

Arriving at the Albufera Natural Park by motorcycle is simple, fast and safe . Therefore, you just need to know the best motorcycle route to reach this natural place.

The fastest route, regardless of the point in Valencia you are in, is to the City of Arts and Sciences. b> Just at this point, next to Agora roundabout you should go towards popularly known “Autopista del Saler” or officially CV-500 .

As soon as you start the journey you will see that the traffic is more fluid but later it will be denser, because it becomes a road with double meaning. Anyway, the journey lasts about twenty minutes.

Visit the Albufera with a Yamaha SAICA motorbike!

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