What to see in Port Saplaya

Port Saplaya

In the city of Alboraya is the residential complex “Port Saplaya”, which owes its name thanks to the beaches that are part of the urbanization, which also have various accommodation sites overlooking the sea.
Known as ‘the little Venice’, Port Saplaya has a different urban design, in which the buildings are built on the sea and has small beaches in its surroundings and also has ports for berthing boats and boats.
Port Saplaya, modern urbanism in its purest form
Port Saplaya has become a true experience on the sea that increases its visitors at different times of the year due to its attractive modern urbanism system. Strategically located in the vicinity of the Gulf of Valencia, Port Saplaya has stunning sunsets overlooking the sea and the beaches that make up the residential complex.
Because of its proximity to the sea there are many sailors and sailors, so traditionally Port Saplaya pays tribute to the Virgin of Carmen, for being considered the patron saint of sailors and being an urbanization surrounded by water, the festivities of the Virgin are made frequently in their facilities.

More and more requested vacation destination

Port Saplaya has become a fixed destination for visitors and tourists from the community of Alboraya, as well as having views and sunsets that prostrate around the marine coast of the Gulf of Valencia, has boat trips throughout the urban conglomerate and its beautiful beaches.
The term of the little Venice refers to its strategic construction on the sea and its proximity to the beaches of the Gulf of Valencia, despite the fact that its buildings began in 1970, its renovations have been updated over time, until finally becoming in an urban luxury.

How is motorcycle accessibility

Port Saplaya is a good option to get away from the city and get reacquainted with the sea in just a few minutes. This small urban center is only 8 km from the center of Valencia, so the motorcycle route is fast and very safe.

The best route is to go towards Avenida Catalunya and follow the signs to the V-21 highway. Once on the highway, you should be aware of exit number 2: Almàssera /Alboraya.

Once there you will find parking easily without complications and you will enjoy the Mediterranean landscape.

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