What to see in Ruzafa


Valencia is composed of several neighborhoods, among them is Ruzafa, which was originally made up of a large estate that was later redesigned as an area of ​​recreation and recreation with the name of public park.

Ruzafa, like other neighborhoods in the capital, has several emblematic landmarks in the area , such as its churches, museums, markets, gardens, parks and others. In this way, each corner of the population reflects a little its culture, history and other elements of the past that are rescued in each mural of the neighborhood.

Neighborhood source

Its history goes back to the ninth century, when it was inhabited by Abd Allah al-Balansi and his family, who were the most prominent figures in the town. However, once the family stopped inhabiting the town, it became desolate and was later converted into what it is today, one of the most emblematic neighborhoods of Valencia.

The possession of the independence of the capital was strategically located in the vicinity of what was once Ruzafa, a farm inhabited by emblematic figures of Valencian history.

A friendly neighborhood

Ruzafa is a neighborhood that lends itself to walking through its streets, having a coffee and enjoying the sunset, so it is considered a mandatory stop the time to visit Valencia, and with it add enriching experiences in a different population for its culture and history, which can be observed at a glance in the streets .

As you walk through Ruzafa you can find sculptures and religious chapels that make this visit a sacred place, added to its parish church that today is one of the most outstanding religious monuments of area. Ruzafa is a place to relax and enjoy its sunsets on the streets s, observing its portraits captured in every mural of its avenues .

How is motorcycle accessibility

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The motorcycle accessibility in the Ruzafa neighborhood is simple and easy . As you know, Ruzafa is within the district of L’Eixample and therefore, it is very well connected with all points of the city. In fact, is surrounded by great roads such as: Peris and Valero, Avenida Reino de Valencia, Gran Via Germanías or Calle Filipinas; by which you can access the area.

This neighborhood is very nice with motorcycles since you will park without any problem. In addition, with the bike you can get close to different emblematic points.

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