What to see in Sagunto


Sagunto is a town with two attractions that are sure to adapt to the tastes of its visitors. The first attraction consists of its history, customs, culture and architectural monuments that make Sagunto a place full of historical places, such as its old town made up of architectural structures of the past as are its castles.
While the second attraction lies in the modern and striking part that has been forged thanks to its inhabitants, as well as has stunning beaches that provide days of rest and comfort.

A town with history

Sagunto has different cultural attractions starting from its castles, theaters, museums, and important historical monuments that make Sagunto a place to meet and enjoy its cuisine and typical dishes of the city.
The main economic activity of Sagunto is based on the production of rice, this being one of the bases for its gastronomy, among which the paella stands out as the typical dish of the sector.
Sagunto is a place that does not go unnoticed by its imposing castles that in the past were used to be a source of shield or fortress before the War of Independence, which marked a before and after in the population.
Later, the historical monuments became the heritage of the town, for which the inhabitants are responsible for preserving every corner within the castles. In fact, today the Roman Theater still maintains every element of its structure despite being first portrayed for several centuries, specifically in the year 1563.
The tangible assets that Sagunto makes available make this a mandatory visit for its culture and history, which in spite of time have maintained the essence and attractiveness of the place.

How is motorcycle accessibility

After getting your motorcycle in Yamaha SAICA you can go to Sagunto from Valencia. It is one of the most accessible towns of the Valencian Community to be in the middle point between two provincial capitals such as Valencia and Castellón. Therefore, you will quickly reach the city where you can visit your castle with your motorcycle or get close to the coast to breathe the Mediterranean.
Whether you choose to visit the city or opt for its coast, it is very easy to find parking, leaving aside the hassle of taking the car, with all that it entails.

Visit Sagunto and do it hand in hand with Yamaha Saica.

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